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Apr 22, 2024


Stellantis and Transvalor: Pioneering the Digital Revolution in Foundry Optimization

Enhancing Foundry Processes with Thercast®: A Collaborative Effort

Innovative Approaches to Foundry Optimization: The Stellantis Perspective


As part of the international Tech Days tour, a series of Transvalor events dedicated to simulation, Mr. Jean Pierre Michalet, Technical Expert at Stellantis, shared insights into ongoing simulations of foundry processes.


Over several years, Transvalor has established itself as a leader in developing THERCAST® software, primarily in continuous casting and ingot casting, garnering trust within the steelmaking industry. Leveraging this success, the scope of THERCAST® has expanded to include foundry operations, reflecting the unique challenges foundry presents and the demand for advanced digital solutions. This article delves into the advancements in the foundry sector, particularly through the collaboration between Stellantis and Transvalor.


As a global automotive leader, Stellantis, operating across 30 countries with 14 brands, has embraced digitalization to enhance forging and foundry processes. With over three decades of digital expertise, Stellantis initiated the "digital boost" initiative in 2017, aiming to evolve tools and methodologies through partnerships with scientific entities and software developers.

Within this initiative, Stellantis has chosen to collaborate closely with Transvalor, centering on the THERCAST® software. This decision is rooted in the software's robust scientific foundation, particularly its multiphysics and two-phase models, aptly suited for the intricate processes of foundry. Moreover, the alliance benefits from the strong relationship between Transvalor and CEMEF, ensuring the partnership's reliability and longevity.


To streamline development cycles and optimize tooling and process technology times, Stellantis conducted simulations and optimizations across various foundry processes, including high-pressure die casting, gravity casting of aluminum and iron, and the lost foam process.

THERCAST® was selected for its comprehensive features meeting industrial requirements. Its multiphysics approach enables simultaneous consideration of diverse phenomena, while the two-phase solver facilitates the study of complex flow scenarios. Additionally, the thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupling offers a holistic understanding of process interactions. The anisotropic mesh generator and kinematic module ensure precise results and consideration of temporal displacements, respectively.

These advanced features have enabled Stellantis to address previously challenging industrial issues, leading to the definition of stabilization solutions for existing tools and facilitating the development of new tooling, consequently optimizing cycle times and reducing rejection rates.


The Lost Foam Process represents an innovative foundry technique for manufacturing intricately shaped parts with high finishing quality and minimal environmental impact. Stellantis is currently investigating its application in producing next-generation automotive engine components.

The numerical simulation of this process is crucial for controlling thermal environments and mold filling, ensuring part quality and process performance. Additionally, understanding various influencing phenomena such as cooling processes requires mastering multiphase and multiscale flow aspects.

A thesis, funded by Stellantis and conducted at CEMEF, focuses on advanced simulation and modeling of the Lost Foam Process to meet the company's needs. This collaboration highlights CEMEF's expertise and the integration of thesis work into THERCAST® software, offering significant industrial advantages and promising prospects for the foundry industry.


The partnership between Transvalor and Stellantis, facilitated by THERCAST® software, has propelled advancements in foundry optimization. Through this collaboration, Stellantis can optimize processes, solve complex challenges, and forecast production stages accurately. Continuous developments in THERCAST®, in tandem with the CFL team at CEMEF, underscore the promising trajectory of this alliance.

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